The bike is the best way through which the continental area of the Razim-Sinoe Lagoon can be known. The rest that it confers to the traveler to enjoy the richness of the place cannot be equaled by any other transportation. Moreover, riding the bike fits perfectly with both the diversity of the views and with the riding conditions on the field, but also with the traveler’s intentions and it physical shape.

The cyclotourism in the North Dobrogea differentiate itself through the fact that it implies a multitude of activities separated from the riding itself. Besides visiting some natural or historical objectives, there can be taken photos (the subjects are limitless, splendid and unique) or birdwatching. You can fish and camp in places unique in Romania, on the rocky shore of the Razim Lake or on the deserted beach of the Black Sea, which lays on 65 kilometers, from Vadu to Zătoane.

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Even though it goes against common belief, cycloturism can be made without obstacles and with great satisfactions even in the Danube’s Delta. In many areas of the preserve there are roads which permit trips which can take up to 4-5 days. Additionally, there can be made circuits which can start from the continental area and which will end in the Danube’s interior side, the returning at the base (Jurilovca) being made by the boat.

We can advise you regarding the fitting of the track with your whishes, but also with your physical capabilities. Given the case that you are not at your best performance, a day’s track, 50 kilometers long, is enough for reaching at least three objectives, in any area of North Dobrogea. If the area you would like to visit is not near Jurilovca, we can ensure the bikes’ transportation at the track’s place.

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The longer trips can reach distances starting 70-80 kilometers, up to 300 kilometers or even longer. Also, we can advise you in the projection of such a trip so as your vacation will be as successful as possible. For any information regarding this subject you can send an e-mail at or you can give us a call at +04 724 541 404.

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Our offer consists in the bikes’ rental at the price of 25 Ron (6 Euro)/day/bike. The equipment of the bikes with special bags, and upon request a guide is included in the price. We also have a 8.5 meters long boat with which the groups can be retrieved from different area of the Delta. The prices of these operations differ according to the distances. For the accommodation we place at your disposal a traditional Lipovan house at the price of 25 Ron (6 Euro)/person/night.

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