The Lotca is a Danube Delta’s specific boat. It is so embodied in the collective consciousness that it is a must in every Delta’s view. This transportation was the equivalent of survival for the Delta’s people, as well as the horse was for the Romanian villager. Through its simplicity, in the eyes of a beginner, Lotca it is nothing but a normal boat. The specialists, on the other hand, sustain that the Lotca is an exceptional boat, original, with excellent nautical characteristics, derived from the Vikings boats. Even though there are no evidences in this sense, the similarities between the two types of boats and the fact that the Vikings were, for a long time, in contact with the Russians from the Northern side of the Black Sea are strong arguments for this conclusion.
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In the area of the great lakes of the Razim-Sinoe Laguna there are the biggest Lotca s from the Danube Delta. Their dimensions are necessaries for keeping the waves mostly made by the strong winds under. Here also, in the past, the Lipovans used for propulsion square sails, called parus, name which means sail in Russian. From the apparition of the motors this kind of sail is not used anymore, although they are efficient, ecological and cheap. 
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For the water tourism we use a wood lotca, 8.5 meters long with a capacity of 8 persons, which works with a parus, oars but also with a 20 horsepower motor. All this things make the boat ready for sailing in every condition and on every distance. The rental price is 200 Ron/day (50 Euro). It includes the fuel (in the limit of 5 functioning hours), the driver of the boat and the touristic guidance. For the accommodation we place at your disposal a traditional Lipovan house at the price of 25 Ron/person/night. For further information you can send an e-mail at or you can call at the phone number +40 724 541 404
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The Razim-Sinoe is by far the best offering area from the country in what concerns the water tourism. Its hydrographic characteristics allow the navigation with any type of boat, from kayaks to sailing ships. But the most important fact is that the lagoon’s waters confer easy access to the Black Sea and to the Delta’s channels. Thus, besides the 800 square kilometers of the lagoon’s water, the tourist can enjoy, in just several hours, the lonely beaches of the Black Sea and the channels and the Delta’s gulfs. 
The navigation can be completed with a lot more connected activities. In this way you can learn the art of sails or you can try your tenacity at the lotca’s oars. You can also fish and cook the catch on a deserted shore. On one track you can visit the antic archaeological sites situated on the lagoon’s shore or, under the guide’s guidance, you can discover the Danube Delta’s fauna. The water tracks can be short, one day long, or long, up to a week or even more. Practically, in the planning and realization of a long trip, the only limits are the ones of the Danube Delta’s Biosphere Preserve. Therefore, in the time spam of two days we can reach villages as Sfântu Gheorghe or Sulina and we can scan the Delta on a multitude of tracks. On the route of several days’ track the accommodation can be made at the guesthouse on the route or, the Spartan way, on a tent, on the bank on a channel. 
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