The biggest swampy Area from Europe comprising One of the world’s largest zone with reed the Danube Delta is dominate by reed That forms fixed or flowing vegetable islands (pauri). At this it adds other riveran and floating plants: reed mace water bracken dock, peppermint frog, water hemlock, sedge, peppermint, knot grass, dwarf willow. The sandy areas are covered with grass and other preiery Species: : white willow, poplar, alder, ash, combined forests from the sand banks. The water surface is populatd with uncountable plant species with flowing leaves: white lily, yellow lily, frog bit, water thistle, rizac, caltrop, hornwort

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Fishes: in Delta are living over 110 fish species of which 75 species of fresh water. A special place between the Danube Delat’s species is occupied by the sea sturgeons: sevruga, beluga, Russian sturgeon, from which the caviar is taken, as well as the fresh water sturgeons: sterlet and viza. Among the migratory species the most important is mackerel. The sheatfish Is the biggest fish that lives in the Romania’s fresh waters, in the Danube the record is of 400 kg. At pike perch The record is of 21 kg. Some other species very appreciated by the fishermen are: pike,common carp, pike perch, crucian, carp, rapacious carp, perch, rudd, bream, tench. In Delta’s lakes it can also be fished for sheatfish, carp, pike perch, perch, crucian, bream etc. The sea sector has mainly beluga And Russian sturgeon, as well as Danube mackerel.

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Birds: in the Danube Delta are living 327 bird species, representing 81% of the Romani’s avifauna. Of those, 218 species have their nest in the delta. The water birds are the manniest: a total of 141 species. To the seaguls adds aigrettes, swans, cormorants, Wild ducks and geeses . In the sandy preiery fields are living partridge quails, larks, Stone Curlews. In the lagoon’s villages, near housesolds there can be frequently met frecvent pigeons, house sparrows, swallows, storks, martins. The species protected by law in the Danube Delta are:- the white species: common and curly pelican spoonbills, big and sshorel aigrettes, singing and mute swan; - policolor species: Stilt, knock back, white shelducks , red shelducks, eagle. The best periods in which these birds can be seen are April, may, june and september. The suited places for admiring the birds are near lakes.

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Mamshores: otter, mink, muskrat, rabbit, boar, fox, ferret, raccoon dog, deer, wild horse, wild cat.
Reptiles: the sands are snugging: turtles, adders and snake colonies.

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