channel 1.jpgThe Lipoven’s Canal starts from Duvesselt Canal goes through the surroundings of Duvesseltul de Jos and continues through the Northern part of Razim Lake in front of the Sabangia village.
Duvesselt Canal is the Danube oldest canal, starts from the Sf. Gheorghe branch at 45 km and it ends in Razim Lake South from Fundea gulf. Its route 28, 5 long follows most of its length the old Duvesselt fleet’s bank that represented the atrofiated form of a Danubian branch. The main function of this canal is to aliment with Danube water the Razim Lake. At the flow in the Razim Lake it has constructed parallel sea walls (stone embankment) for de insurance of navigation. In fact these are sunk ,thing that makes them especially dangerous for sea boats ,especially when there are waves.

Dranov Canal brings the waters from the Sf. Gheorghe branch (45km) in Reazim Lake. on the first 16km it followes the tracks of the old Cernet branch  until near Dranov Lake that it avoides on the East ,in order to enter the old Dranov fleet whose winding route follows it untill the flow in the Rreazim Lake . The total linght of its route is 27km.At the exit of this canal in the lake there  are under water digs that are even more dangerous for navogation because they are describing a curve traiectory.

Mustaca canal is a canal built in order to drain water  from Dranov Island towards Razim .Its course is almost parallel with the one Duvesselt canal. From it are starting more derivations that links it with the Duvesselt canal on the right as well as Duvesselt canal on the left.

Periteasca canal, with a length of 2 km, starts from the Eastern shore of Razim Lake and fallows the old Peritesca fleet ending in the littoral sand bank where there is a fishing brigade.

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Glovita –Sinoe Canal (canal 5) ensures the link between the two lakes .On the right part of the entrance direction in Sinoe there is an underwater sea wall.

Zeica –Sinoe Canal (canal 2) ensure the link between  the two lakes.In the entrance zone in the Zmeica Lake water has a depth of under 0,5 m.

Enisata Canal (Babadag ) make the link on a leght of 5 km between Razim and Babadag Lakes .Its purpose is to aliment with water the Babadag Lake.

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