Grigore Antipa thought than in the place of the nowadays delta there would have been a Black Sea’s bay. With the passing of time, it was isolated from the rest of the sea by the Jibrieni-Istria sandspit and transformed into a liman. In time, the liman was filled with alluvial deposit and brought in the actual phase, with dry soils, marshes and puddles. The Danube would have got over in the sea through six egresses, three of which were flowing in Razim; this last ones subsequently clogged.

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The complex Razim-Sinoe represents a part of the ex sea gulf than was spreading itself from Midia in the South to Dunavăţ peninsula in North and which in Greeco-roman antiquity was connected with the black Sea ( the Halmyris gulf mentionded by the antique authors). The reason for the inclusion of this laguna in the DanubeDelta is the lido’s formation process (sshorel earth strips on the sea shore, formed through allluvial deposit, than close a liman or a lagoon). At a certain point, because of the progress of the Danube’s egresses (Sf. Gheroghe branch) towards East and because of the clogging of the Dunavăţ and Cerneţ branches the Razim complex was on the point of losing the connection with the Danube.

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