rudder_16.png The Razim-Sinoe Lagoon is placed in the South part of the Danube Delta and occupies a total surface of aproximatelly 1145 km2 from which the lakes’ surface is 863 km2. The biggest part of the complex is represented by the lowland, that was initially occupied by the sea waters and was afterwards segmented through the formation of cordons and sand banks. In the past few decades the complex suffered very big transformations because of the human action. After the hidrotechnical works made after the 1970s the lagoon was transformed in two unities.

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rudder_16.png The Razim Unity formed from Razim, Goloviţa, Zmeica and Babadag lakes was isolated from the sea’s influence and transformed into a fresh water rezervoir in order to supply the irigational systems build up around the complex. The most important lake, Razim Lake has a surface of 415 km2 and a depth of 3.2 m. Razim lagoon is connected with Sf. Gheorghe branch through Dranov and Dunavăţ channels from which it gets a fluvial contribution from the Danube.

rudder_16.png The Sinoe Unity is formed from Sinoe, Nuntaşi and Tuzla lakes and keeps its connection with the Black Sea through a dam. Sinoe Lake has a surface of 135 km2 and a maximum depth of 2.2 m.

rudder_16.png In the complex’s perimetre there can be found some sshorel islands, from which, the most important are Popina Island  and Bisericuţa Island.

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