valea nucarilor 1.jpgThe village is placed in the northe of the Razim lake on the both sides of Nucarilor Valley a sshorel spring that flows into the lake. It is dominated in north by Nucarilor hill (95m) and Tausan hill (113m) from the morphological unity of Tulcea’s hills. Opcapi, its initial name is of turkish origins and it can be translated through „eight gates”. How and why this nae was given to the village remains a mistery. The documents attest an older inhabitance than the XIXth century. Even during Ottoman occupation the population was predominantly romanian. After 1878 veterans from Tutova Tecuci and Mehedinti established here as well as many ardelens families whose number reached 139 in 1928. In 1887 the school was built and in 1860 and 1898 the churches. In 2002 there were registered only 8 turks the rest of the population being romanian.

valea nucarilor 2.jpg