vadu-1.jpgThe village is placed in the southern extremity of the Sinoe Lake and Chituc sand bank at 3 km away from the Black Sea’s shore. Its old name Caraharman in Turkish Karaharman. The village was probably inhabited in the Superior Paleolithic. The result of archeological research on the village’s territory added to the study of written sources came to the conclusion of the existence of mannier stage of civilization. The village reached the biggest level of development during the Ottoman ruling when it became one of the most important villages from Dobrogea. archeological digging discovered material traces (geto-dacic plates, pottery, bowls painted with alveolar girdle) ceramics from the Hellenistic and Roman culture, house holes  all of them were found at 2.1 km north-east from the village in the spot called by the locals Ghiaurchioi (the Christians’ village).