salcioara 1.jpgThe village is placed on the south western part of the Razim lake in an area limited by the Iancina head In north and Dolosman head In south. The relief is a contact area between low hills (Ceardac, Dolosman Iancina) with 50-60m highs and the piece of plane that outsides the lake. In the village’s perimetre were identified traces of a roman fortress unexplored yet Ad Salices (at salcii) the village was inhabited in the XIXth century by bulgarians romanians and turks with a secnificant growth in population after 1840 when the cityhall and the church (1845) were built, the school being built later (1884). In the Lahovari dictionary there were mentioned 387 bulgarian families 3 jewish 2 romanian and one tatar-gipsy. At the village’s school where there was only one teacher there were registered 73 bulgarian pupils and only 3 romanian ones. Its old name Caramanchioi is surelly of turkish origins but translated differently by diffrerent authors. In principiu It would mean „the village of the black man” but M.D. Ionescu translated it as „the sunrise village” and Gr. Danescu thinks that it came from Caramanlau a city-port That dissapeared because of the colmatare Of the gulf between Iancina and Dolosman heads.

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