sarinasuf.jpgThe village is to be found in the north-eastern area of the Razim lake. Its name is of turkish origins but its tranlation is controversial. in one of the variants it means „yellow land” (in romanian „Galbenul”=”the Yellow one”) or „Yellow sand”. According to some authors around 1880 about 40 families of transhumant shepherds called „ungureni” joined the romanian families already living in this places. Their arrival was attributed  to the droughts from their natal lands. According to others the village was founded in 1864 by romanians coming from Transilvania and Bessarabia but was inhabited by other ethnies too like turks but especially bulgarians the last ones coming from Beidaud. The sure thing is that the villagers of ardelenesc origins kept until recently their traditional clothing. The ethnical structure suffered serious changes repetedly firstly in 1878 and the after 1940. Nowadays all inhabitants are romanians.

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