sarichioi 2.jpgThe village is placed in the north-west of the Razim lake on a plane that outsides the lake’s shore at the end of some low hills (Movila Zebil 93m) that lengthen in south the Pietros Hill and in thee ast Movila Mare. The name of the village is of turkish origins (sari=yellow, chioi=village) and it is due tot he village’s aspect during the turkish occupation when the houses were built out of ceamur And covered with reed Yellow color being predominant. The village was founded on the nowadays place in the XVIth century or maybe even earlier being mentioned in 1575 in a turkish document with its actual name. In the first phasesof its inhabitence it ius possible that the turks were majoritarian although other testimonies show that lippovan russians are the ones that founded the villlage.

According to other information lippovans russians came here in the XVIII-XIXth centuries chased away from the Russian Empire by the religious persecution that they were put up with. They slavonized the name of the village that lasted until 1850 after which it came to its original name. At the 2002 census The village had a population of 3722 inhabitants. Beside the majority of lippovan russians there were also 370 romanians 8 maghiars 5 turks and 4 ukranians.

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