sabangia 2.jpgThe village is placed on the north eastern shore of the Raze Lake on a low field (under 50m) on the road that comes from Tulsa passing through Abigail. On the meaning of its name there are numerous hypotheses all saying that it is of Turkish origins. One of them sustains that this name means “ploughmen” M.D. Ionescu’s hypothesis is also believable and says that the name means “wildness” or “wild place” the view from around the Razim lake being a strong enough argument in order to sustain  such a hypothesis. Acknowledgeable is also the translation of the teacher Omer Memmune who believed that it must “a place for assembled straws”. It is believed that the Turks were the ones that founded the village in the XVIIIth century in order to leave it later after the 1829 war. Starting with 1850 it is repopulated with Romanians (firstly with shepherds) their number increasing after 1877 when the first buildings were built the church (1878) and the school (1891).

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