jurilovca 2.JPGThe village is placed on the embankment of the Golovita lake. The village’s connection with the lake is made by a 800m long canal. The parish of Jurilovca was founded by lippovans at the beginning of the XIXth century first document about it dating from 1826. Although at the beginning it was just a sshorel hamlet the village developed at the end of the XIXth century into an important fishing centre of the Delta.

Lippovans are ethnically russians but in what concerns thier denomination they are Old Style Ortodox (starovers). This denomination is the result of the nikoniene reform in 1654 Nikon the Russian Ortodox Church’s Patriarch initiated a religious reform that sought the alignement of russian rite to the rest of the Ortodox world. The outcome was the division of russian society into nikoniens (the ones that accepted the reform) and Starovers ( of Old Faith, that rejected the reform). The last ones because of the persecution migrated outside russia some of them in romania (the north of Moldavia and Danube Delta).

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Nowadayas Jurilovca is the biggest fishermen community from Delta a center of collecting and processing of the fish as well as a turistical attraction.
Its population is 86% lippovan russians and only 14% romanians.

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