enisal 1.jpgThe village is placed in a outside region of Babadag highland With hills that end up abruptly into Babadag lake and that can reach 110m in Eracleea. The archeological traces state the existence of a traco-getic settlement fro the first Iron Age. In 1330 it is mentioned under the Fenikah name (probably derived from turkish Enikale) in the writting of an arab geograph and pilgrim Ibn Batutah. In the village’s surroundings there is a byzantine stronghold from the XIIIth century called Eracleea (Heracleea) probably built by the genovian merchandizers that controled the comerts on the Black Sea. The village most surelly developed in the same time with the stronghold the last being a refuge place in case of danger. About the village’s inhabitants the teacher I. Chircea shows that the villagers,exclusively romanians are coming partly from Transilvania the village of Sercaia others from Moldavia (after the Principates’ Union) others from Bessarabia and partly locals from Dobrogea

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