dunavatul de jos 1.jpgThe village is placed in the eastern extremity of the old Dunavat peninsula. Because of this the acces in the Danube Delta is easier through the Lipoveni and Dunavat channals. It is said to be founded around 1700 by Russian and Romanian fishermen the last ones leaving and returning for several times. From the Austrian Franz Mihalovici’s (1873) information we found out that “If it takes to the left the biggest of this branches Hiderlias Bogaz (Sf. Gheorghe n.n.) then the flow will continue another 3 hours on several very short crooks Until a Cossacks village will be met, Dunavat on the right shore, a high and bumpy Shore, village which because of the length and big distance between groups of houses seems to constitute 4 villages generally called Dunavat.” It is confirmed the foundation of Dunavat village by the zaporojeni Cossacks. Later information the one from Gr. Danescu (1896) show that the whole population of the village (280 persons) was Russian.  Russians founded the first school (1891) as well as two churches (1881 and 1890). Population: in 2002 there were 710 inhabitants out of which 53% Romanians 46.8% Ukrainians and the rest of 0.2% lippovan-russians.

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